New drink recipes

I came across a few good drink recipes that I had never tried before. Two are actual recipes, and one is my own concoction. We’ll have to see what you think.

First is the whiskey & ginger ale. Of course I didn’t invent this; I actually got it from Raymond Chandler’s classic noir novel The Lady in the Lake. I was intrigued when I read private eye Philip Marlowe set out whiskey & ginger ales for the hotel staff he was pumping for information. (As a former hotel drone, I could very well picture myself coming up to Marlowe’s seedy sweatbox of a cheap hotel room and drinking several whiskey and ginger ales while he plied me with a few laconic questions. Sounds like an interesting shift.) I tried the whiskey and ginger ale with some economy-minded (read cheap) bourbon, and it was an instant smash hit. (The cheap stuff was Ancient Age, for those of you scoring at home. It tasted fine, especially for the price; a little rough edge to it though. And it turned my piss a deep orange shade. That was different.) Rye is my favorite type of whiskey, so that’s what I usually stock the cabinet with. (I like the strong flavor.) I’d been getting Jim Beam Rye regularly, but then I started branching out & that’s okay. Right now I’m on a bottle of Bulleit Rye, which is pretty good. It’s got good flavor, but it doesn’t have the heft of the Jim Beam. (I started with Jim Beam because they sponsored the Deftones’ tour one year, and that happened to be the year that their concert I caught at the Quest in the Cities saved my life, just about — pulled me out of a righteous funk. The things you remember from when you were younger, the redemptive power of music, love and crushingly loud volumes…I guess that’s part of why companies sponsor rock bands in the first place. It worked on me.)

Another drink I ran across: the Ward Eight. “Despite the perplexing connotations of its name [what might those be?], a splash of this sprightly drink will perk you up in no time!” K, whatever. It’s 2 parts bourbon, 1 part lemon juice, 1 part orange juice, dash of grenadine, and cracked ice. Shake with the cracked ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. It’s got an interesting flavor to it. This is the first drink recipe I ever tried out of a book. Its main virtue appeared to be that I already had all the ingredients on hand (as opposed to other cocktails in that same book.) I foresee it being a good drink for the summertime, because of the citrus flavor.

The last one is a drink I invented. I can’t help feeling it’s a little lame or silly, but I liked it well enough and the idea seemed clever. (I thought of it before I drank it, for the record.) It’s called a Zebrafish: Kraken black spiced rum and vanilla Coke. (Get it?) The premise is a little bit of a stretch but it was fun to come up with. Drink one and tell me what you think.


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