Speakers push the air

I remember when my father would crank up Led Zeppelin’s II and make the windows flex. Those first few guttural notes out of Jimmy Page’s guitar in “Whole Lotta Love” were like a rhinoceros pawing the ground before it charges, then John Paul Jones’ bass drops in on the same groove, Robert Plant’s wail starts strafing over the top, and then your mind begins to melt. Awesome stuff. The way the band bears down again and pulls out of the long freakout/breakdown bridge is classic too. It made the most sense when cranked to 11. I could feel the speakers literally pushing the air.

Many times it happens that our music tastes tend to ossify after college or so, as we mature and lose interest and the drive to seek out new music and absorb it; but sometimes our forefathers’ high school-college-young man music can become ours, too. Then more is shared than just music. I wonder what music my children will take away from their time with me.


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