I never thought….

Recently I’ve started doing something I never thought I’d do: in the mornings, I empty the last of yesterday’s coffee into a mug, reheat it, and drink it while the fresh stuff is brewing. I’d heard of others doing it (a good buddy told me he does it sometimes), but it had never seemed appealing to me. Who wants to drink yesterday’s reheated coffee first thing in the morning? Yet I’ve started doing it, and it’s actually…not that bad.

Why the change? I realized that I drink reheated coffee all day long (and sometimes into the evening) and it tastes just fine. Why should reheated coffee first thing in the morning be any different? Really, the only difference is my attitude about the time of day — reheated coffee can be just as good, or not good, at that hour of the day as at any other. Part of it, too, is that it helps get me going. Many times when I get up in the morning, the girls demand much attention and energy expended on their behalf, which leaves less to make coffee. The net result is I gut it out for a half hour or hour until things slow down, everybody’s fed and dressed, and I can tend to myself. That feels too long to wait, because if I am that tired in the morning, I NEED the coffee. A reheated cup is like glow plugs for a diesel — it helps me get my motor running when conditions are less than optimal. It’s a comfort and it helps me rally right out of the blocks. Plus, it’s less wasteful, because I’m not pouring coffee I could drink down the drain, and oftentimes the coffee I made the day before was actually really good and strong (e.g. what I find in the pot on a Monday morning.) After I thought about it for a while, the first reheat of the day doesn’t seem so bad. Many times I even welcome it. Who knew?



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