Yesterday the nine-month-old infant accidentally flung her cracker at me. I saw it streak towards me out of the corner of my eye. It bounced off my face and fell on the floor. Startled, I laughed, and then she laughed too. I handed the cracker back to her, then she flung it at me again — this time on purpose. And then she laughed. I laughed even harder when I saw that.

Today I put on the Ramones as I was making lunch for everybody. The reaction was electric. The baby grinned and started to bounce up and down in time to the music. The toddler sprinted into the kitchen in a frenzy, jabbering away, and began to dance in circles with her doll. The baby sang along with the “oo-oo’s” on the chorus. It was awesome. A proud moment for this daddy.

I love my kids.


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