Been super busy lately, so just a few random thoughts:

  • First, I got a French press coffee pot. AMAZING. Holy heck. The best coffee I’ve ever made at home! I don’t think I’m ever going back to the drip machine. More fun and quicker to make, and the coffee tastes miles better. This method gets the most out of even ordinary Folgers. The water around here is really mineraly; drip coffee makers clog within six months, easy. (True story.) I’ve taken to descaling mine with white vinegar monthly, and sometimes more, to keep up. But that’s not a problem with the French press. All the scale, if there is any, stays in the pot or pan where I heat the water. The French press is completely impervious to mineraly water. And I can take the full pot of hot coffee down to my desk, even while it’s brewing, and I can top off while I’m working without having to leave my desk to trek to the kitchen. Love it.
  • Second, dreams. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, even when I haven’t been having them. Maybe that’s part of it — wishing that I was. I don’t think I get deeply enough asleep to dream most times, or if I do, then I don’t remember it. I wish I could remember more of my dreams. They’re just really fascinating.
  • Third, fall. The leaves are turning & falling off the trees, the weather is getting cooler, and the kids are back in school. I really like fall, and I don’t mind that it reminds me that winter’s coming. Acceptance is key.
  • Fourth, the Deftones are coming out with a new album — ?! Apparently they’ve decided to be a working band again, even without Chi. I hope it’s not too rockist and overly professional, like their last outing, Diamond Eyes, was at times — although I find myself reaching for that one more lately. (Fits the mood I’m in.) Also, Saturday Night Wrist was far underrated by some when it came out, I think. Reports of interband tensions and prima donna antics cutting into the creative relationship may have played unduly on the expectations of some. Strip that away, and put it out of your mind, and SNW is actually a pretty decent album.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more nuggets later.