Groundation Chant

To guess by the songs I post on here, you’d think I was a metalhead/classic rock fan. Which I am, but my tastes are broader than that. As a small sampling to prove this to you, here’s a reggae song. Groundation is a newer band (relatively, in my knowledge of reggae; all my points of reference arrived to me via The Clash, so that’s a little while ago), but they’re the real deal. This song has a very, dare I say, reverential vibe. The swirling, repeated guitar lick is hypnotic, the backing percussion is simple, and the rib-thudding bass usually associated with reggae isn’t here — but it still works great. Listen while smoking something, or looking at a picture of a tropical beach if that’s more your thing. Makes me wish I was back in Maui. Enjoy.


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