Another day in paradise

I got to sit on the deck and read my Bible again this morning. What a lovely day…the sunlight was golden and seemed to fill all the air. Not the sky, the air, because all the ground level was blanketed in mist, and the sun shone through the mist. Everything was immersed in soft, liquid gold. A cool morning breeze blew, full of the fragrances of the plants and trees around us (and no smell of hogs, thank goodness.) Bird songs and calls echoed through the air from all over the neighborhood. They were the only sounds to be heard, and quiet and friendly — not at all out of place, as nearly all man-made noise is at that hour. The air was a little cool in a friendly way…not cold, and certainly not uncomfortably hot like it would be in just an hour or two when the sun burned off the mist and its glare beat down full on the deck, causing us to draw the blinds on that side of the house. But right at that moment, none of that had happened yet; the children hadn’t risen up, the day’s work hadn’t started yet. Just me and my Bible, sitting on the deck.

I’ve been to some pretty neat places in the world — Oregon, Jerusalem, Galilee, Maui, Petra (and I hope to be to a lot more) — but for my money, sitting on my deck on a quiet summer’s morning ranks right up there with them. Who cares if there’s a view of corn or soybeans instead of the water? It’s still one of my favorite places in the world. Just to be by myself and soak in the beautiful morning.

Not my view, but still pretty nice.


Love will tear us apart again.

Another stone-cold classic as the song o’ the time period. Sometimes somebody else’s already said it far better than you could have, so you let them say it. Frankly you try and you try, and sometimes you face the fact that things won’t get better until you’re a different person…and that takes time. I don’t know why, but as I get older I am beginning to realize the amount of things I get to know shrinks all the time, or rather I’m beginning to see the true size of what I know. It’s a lot less than I thought…slipping through my fingers like sand.

Enjoy the song, for crying out loud, and if this is you, then I tip my hat to you. Things will get better. They have to.