I heard this at a basketball game tonight during a time-out and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. The only cure in such situations is to play the song over and over, until my brain decides it’s done with it and I can turn my attention to something else. In this case it means I’ve been listening to “Party in the USA” for two-and-a-half hours straight, while I was working. Grim. Whoever wrote & arranged this song knew exactly what they were doing. It’s like aural crack. The gliding guitar hook, the synths that fuzz in and out at just the right time…I can’t help it. Miley Cyrus’ vocal (and Miley herself, for that matter) I can take or leave. If she just sang it straight (or they didn’t ProTools it) her voice wouldn’t sound so thin. The song would probably be improved with a more grown-up singer, but we’ll leave that to someone who wants to cover it. In a perfect world, the Twilight Singers would have already done a cover of this, and would be burning down clubs with it all over the world (figuratively, mind you.) I can see Greg Dulli crooning this off-key and using it to segue into a Four Tops song, or maybe as a bridge before slamming into “My Enemy” off ofBlack Love,for instance. Maybe we’ll see that someday. (Maybe he’ll read my blog and perform it in concert! Ha!)

Please don’t interpret this as an endorsement of Miley Cyrus. I just happen to like this song…her, not so much. Sometimes a song comes out of a singer that doesn’t really fit them, but it’s still a great song, and you could call this one of those times. There’s more to this song than there seems, or maybe it’s just the hook turning me into a zombie. Whichever, I hope you’re afflicted like I am… here you go, friends.


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