My pocket knife

My faithful pocket knife is an all-steel Swiss Army knife I got when I was about 12 (I’m 29 now.) I got it at a roadside stand on the way back from Branson, Missouri from a family vacation. I chose it from tables full of hundreds and hundreds of knives. It took me a while, but I’m glad I chose this one. I’ve had other knives since then, but none of them have seemed to find a home in my pocket like this one. It’s an electrician’s model, so it has a wire-stripping notch on the bottle opener/screwdriver, as well as an awl, big blade, and small blade, but really I’ve never needed anything more than this knife. The small blade is rather unique — it has almost a rounded tip to it, similar to a hawkbill but not as extreme, and a gentle notch about the back 1/3 of the blade. It’s also only sharpened on one side, as opposed to both sides — gives it a different angle. Maybe electricians find that useful? I don’t know. (When I turned 21 I found out what that bottle opener was for, and how handy it was!) I’ve mislaid this knife in the past, sometimes for weeks, but it always comes back to me. I accidently carried it on an airplane through security once or twice, even post-9/11 — I was glad they didn’t find it. I’d have been bummed to have to surrender it. I’ve carried it to a lot of part time jobs as well as countless hours just bumming around. It’s served me well and never given me cause for complaint. I look forward to handing it on to a grandson some day.

(Mine is identical to this one except that it doesn’t have the red Victorinox shield on the side…merely a plain silver cross. Good knife.)


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